Proactol medical endorsements

Apart from having several clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of Proactol Plus, this fat binder is also approved by several doctors, nutritional workers and health experts.

One of the most recent medical endorsements comes from Dr. Hasselbacher, professor of medicine and chief of faculty. Among other things, he claims the following:

“Proactol has demonstrated its effectiveness in 3 different kinds of clinical studies. Only very few weight management solutions have this level of proof.”

Go to 2:25 to see what Dr. Hasselbacher says about Proactol

Dr Ikram Abidi
worked as a doctor for many years and has been a product specialist in Pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade. Recently he moved completely into the pharmaceutical industry where he works as a health feature writer. Weight loss and fitness are his specialties.

Will Davis (BS Chem, BS Biology) works primarily as teacher in higher education and recently he started working as microbiologist for the top Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company.

Aurora Barker (degree in Nursing Practice) has seen firsthand what the effects of being overweight or obese can be. She fully recommends Proactol as the top weight management solution without any side effects.

Why buy Proactol today?

  • Binds 27.4% of dietary fat intake
  • Decreases your caloric intake by 295 calories/day
  • No negative side effects
  • Medical certified device
  • Totally natural ingredients

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