Proactol on Amazon, eBay, GNC and other sites

Should you buy it or not?

A lot of people prefer to buy diet pills on a big online retail web store such as Amazon, GNC and even eBay. They feel safer that way.

Well, in case with Proactol diet pill, manufacturers are being very strict about selling their product on 3rd party websites. They do not allow it at all. And here are couple of good reasons why it is like that:

* You risk of getting fake product (not the real thing). Nobody guarantees you that you will be getting the real ingredient of Proactol if you buy it on Amazon. As a matter of fact, who knows what you will be getting.

* You risk of not getting full money back guarantee. That’s right, you can be assured that you will not get the full money back guarantee, if any at all. In normal circumstances when you buy Proactol from their official website, you will get full 6 months cash back guarantee. This entitles you to ask for your money back before the 6-mark point if you are not satisfied with results.

* No customer support. In case you have any questions while you’re taking Proactol,  you won’t be able to have any support. Obviously when you call Proactol customer support they will ask you for your order number, and Amazon order number won’t work in this case.

Understand that it is not Amazon or eBay who directly sells this product; it is usually sold by 3rd party sellers on these sites. So the train of thought that you are getting supplement from reputable source is wrong here. Therefore, if you want to get the real and genuine Proactol diet pill, the only way is to buy it via official site and nowhere else.

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